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Maneater Save Game Loss

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We are aware that some players are continuing to have an issue where the game appears to not save their progress, or that the save game is lost at some point in time. 


We have been unable to reproduce these cases and they are under an ongoing investigation to help us pinpoint a cause.  Some players have reported the following has helped them not have this issue:


  • Exit the game after reaching the first grotto.  Going to the grotto is a save triggering event.
  • Turning off cloud save syncing on their platform

If you continue to have this issue, you can help us by giving us more details about your game system, gameplay environment, and how you play the game.  ie:

  • What is your exact platform hardware/specs
  • What periferals/controllers do you have connected
  • How do you play the game
    • Did you play non stop for a set of time, what actions did you take during this play through
    • Did your system go into rest/sleep mode during the session
    • And other "fine" details about what happened during the time period you played
      • What regions did you travel through, what quests/side quests you did in what order, when did you visit grottos and how did you get their (swam or fast travel) etc.

The best way to supply us this information is by joining the conversation in the forums, but you may also send in a support ticket if you would like. 

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